Florida Testing Services understands that scientifically sound, legally defensible analytical data is one of the most critical elements for the success of an environmental project. To ensure a project's data quality objectives are met, Florida Testing Services provides a superior standard of service using the latest technological advances and a commitment to customer service. We provide services that follow the entire life cycle of a project: Initial planning, project management and implementation, reporting of results, to final sample disposal.

Florida Testing Services provide environmental testing of groundwater, surface water, drinking water, mixed wastes, solid wastes, hazardous wastes, petroleum products, soils, air, resins and other process wastes. Procedures are performed by approved methodologies including: EPA, ASTM, Standard Methods and USACE. Methods are applicable to RCRA, CWA, NPDES, SDWA, TSCA, CLP and other testing requirements.


Project Management

One project manager is assigned to you to manage your projects from start to finish. You can call your project manager for bottle kits, status of analytical results, data interpretation, and technical questions. Our project management staff has a combined experience of greater than 50 years in the environmental testing field. You are also assigned an account executive to provide quotations, identify your analytical requirements, and provide additional support as required.


Turnaround Time

Our standard turnaround time (TAT) is 5 business days for most analyses. Expedited TAT is also available. Florida Testing Services offers from a same day TAT up to our standard 5-day TAT depending upon our client's need. Prior notification and approval is recommended for projects requiring an expedited TAT.


Field Services

Florida Testing Services' professional team of scientists and technicians is available for environmental sampling. Equipment includes, but is not limited to, instruments to perform field tests such as pH, temperature, conductivity, turbidity, and dissolved oxygen. If additional equipment is required, Florida Testing Services will notify the client of any additional associated charges. All of our field personnel are 40 hour OSHA trained and have attended the latest DEP SOP training workshops


Bottle Kits and Courier Services

Sample bottles, instructions, delivery, and shipping to the project site or customer's office are provided free of charge. Pre-preserved vials and sampling syringes for low/high-level volatile analysis, Method 5035, are provided at a minimal charge per kit.


Sample Management

Compositing can be performed in the laboratory. The standard storage time for samples in the laboratory is 30 days after submittal of the report. If samples must be stored for a longer period of time, this request can be accommodated.



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